WesTex FCU is proud to work with charities across the South Plains as well as give back directly to the community with our Pay It Forward program. We feel community involvement helps to strengthen our ties to the Lubbock community and provide outreach and assistance where needed.


Pay it forward is an expression for when the recipient of an act of kindness does something kind for someone else rather than simply accepting or repaying the original good deed. Since 2010, WesTex Federal Credit Union has helped Pay It Forward in the Lubbock community. We’ve been fortunate to meet people with needs far greater than we can image and by Paying It Forward, we’ve been able to help members of our community with donations of all kinds!

If you know of someone who needs help in our community, please click on the link and fill out the form to nominate someone. Your nomination could help someone in need!

childrens-home-lubbock-logoThe Children’s Home is a community of volunteers, workers and supporters, pouring their efforts together to make life better for children who need to see that caring and love do exist in a world that has often been unfair and unjust.  Since the Home opened its doors in 1954, over 5,500 children have been helped through the Home’s services.

Praised by licensure reviews as one of the best programs in the State of Texas, the Children’s Home places a strong emphasis on family rehabilitation, with programs of care designed for children and their families.

On any given day an average of 145 boys and girls are in care in the various programs of The Children’s Home of Lubbock.

Spiritual training is a vital part of each child’s life at the Home. Each cottage worships at a different congregation in the Lubbock community. Staff and children become active participants in the congregation where they worship.  Spiritual training policies are set by the Board of Directors and implemented by our staff without regulation by the State.  Last year the Home served 244 public sector boys and girls who would not otherwise receive the blessing of knowing about the God who loves them.