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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – This week’s Pay It Forward segment starts out on South Indiana Avenue near 98th Street. We set up with our Pay It Forward sign searching for this week’s playmaker.

Within minutes, Boone Tyson, T.J. Worley and Chase Reiners showed up, heading through town on their lunch break. Boone, T.J. and Chase had not seen Pay It Forward before. We explained how it works and they immediately had someone in mind.

All three playmakers unanimously selected Dana Brewer as this week’s recipient of $300. Dana and her husband have gone through struggles with medical bills this year. Dana has recently been to the doctor suffering from an unexpected seizure. They found a spot on her brain and medical bills piled up in a hurry.

Boone, T.J. and Chris told us we could find Dana at Church on the Rock, watching over kids in the nursery area. So we headed across town to Church on the Rock.

When we arrived, Boone, T.J. and Chris discussed the option of adding everything they had in their pockets to the task at hand. They put together $50Pay-It-Forward-10-28-13 in addition to the normal amount of $300. With their donation, we had our first segment where a playmaker added more money to the pot. We headed into the church to find Dana.

When we entered the building, we found Dana in a classroom full of kids. Boone distributed $350 in cash to help Dana and her family out. Many tears were shed. Dana was completely surprised and full of emotion. Dana thanked God for the many blessings that He has given to her and her family and thanked everyone present for helping her out.

So keep looking for our Pay It Forward sign. You may become our next playmaker who makes a difference to someone on the South Plains.

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