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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) -Pay It Forward is back! We kicked off this week’s segment in central Lubbock along Avenue Q between 34th and 50th Street.

We set up with our Pay It Forward sign seeking a playmaker who might be able to answer the question, “If you had $300 to give, who would you help out?”

It took less than a minute for our recipient to show up. She spotted us with our sign right away. LaToya Hopson saw our sign and immediately pulled into the parking lot.

LaToya wanted to help out Paul Richardson of Lubbock. Paul is someone she has seen at her church a time or two. LaToya explains that Paul is trying to get back on his feet, and she feels he could really use some extra help.

We took a short trip to Paul’s house, and when we arrive, he is completely surprised.

LaToya counts out $300. Paul said, “Thank You!” and tells us he will use the money to pay bills. He says he has several that need to be paid that day.

Paul gave LaToya a hug and tells everyone “God Bless” for helping him out in a time of need.

Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign soon! You may become our next playmaker!


Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign!

  1. When you see us on the street or in public, be the first person to approach us and you may become our playmaker for that week
  2. If you are the first to spot our sign, we ask you the question “If you had $300 to give, who would you choose to help out?”
  3. The person you choose cannot be a family member, relative or a person in your vehicle
  4. Once you have chosen someone to help out, we have one hour to find that person and distribute $300 to the recipient
  5. Good luck!

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