Online Account Access Application

Application for CU Online Access. Submit only one application per account.


Your username must be at least 8 characters in length and CANNOT contain any part of your Account Number or Social Security Number.


Important Note: The password entered on this application will be used the first time that you log-on to CU Online. Once you log-on you will be required to change the password.

You will be sent a confirmation via email (1-2 business days after the application has been submitted) to the email address that you provide on this application. Once you receive your confirmation, you may then log-on to WesTex Online Access. The first time you log-on you will be required to change the password.

Remember your password! You will need it each time that you log-on to your account. You are allowed 3 attempts to log-on. For security reasons, after the third invalid password attempt, your account will become deactivated.

If you forget your account number/password for this service or you account has been deactivated, please contact the credit union at 806-765-5701 or 1-800-766-4515